Phil offers a range of services to help ensure your ICT services are fully engaged with your business. You can get the assistance you need with your ICT without having to employ expensive ICT staff.

ICT Budgets

In many organisations the cost of maintaning the ICT infrastructure and services can account for 5, 10 even 15% of the entire annual budget! How do you know if you are getting value for money? Are you paying too much for your telecommunications services? Do you have a cost-effective hardware platform? Are your software licences the best fit for your business? Do you have the right ICT staff numbers?

There are many issues to consider when creating an ICT budget and with an experience consultant reviewing that budget there is an opportunity to make substantial cost savings with minimal effort and cost.

ICT Reviews

A comprehensive ICT review will provide a detailed analysis of the current infrastructure and operational environment. Typically a full review can take 7-10 days, possibly a little longer in a complex environment.

The review process entails detailed interviews with ICT staff, management, stakeholders, customers (internal and external) and suppliers, as required. All findings are documented and confirmed for accuracy with sources.

Findings are analysed and recommendations made. This is generally in a standard 30-40 page business report format. Key findings are also be summarised and presented to stakeholders and management as required.

Business Objectives

Most organisations have very clear business objectives, others less so. Even when they are clearly stated, does the ICT team/function understand those objectives?

If the ICT team/function is not fully aware of the business objectives then it is probably not going to deliver what's required. Understanding these business objectives can be a relatively simple task; once complete the ICT team/function can readily be realigned to help meet these objectives.

ICT Strategy

An agreed ICT strategy can greatly assist any organisation. Conversely, the lack of an ICT strategy can often lead to a disconnect between the ICT team/function and the business.

An ICT strategy does not have be huge and complex, but it must meet the needs of the business. For example, the primary focus may be delivery of service via mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and phones. The strategy is required to show how these needs can be met efficiently and cost-effectively. The basic infrastructure must support this model, the application mix must be flexible to meet the access-on-the-move requirements, it must be secure, reliable etc.

There may already be a partial strategy in place and it simply needs to be documented and agreed by management and stakeholders. An experienced consultant can assist in creating and maintaining an appropriate strategy for your business.

Project Management

Every ICT team/function has a number of projects large and small that it tries to deal with while continuing to provide day-to-day support. It may be a major server upgrade, a software development or implementation project, a desktop or laptop refresh, a new Internet or network connection, or any one of dozens of activities that they regularly have to deal with.

Occasionally these projects can be too large and complex for the resources allocated, or the staff responsible for delivery could use some broader experience and advice.

An experienced consultant can assist either by providing some direction on the troublesome projects, or fully managing them.

Jargon Busting

ICT is full of acronyms and shorthand names for services, function and objects that are in everyday use. As a busy executive you may not need to be across all of the detail. It has been suggested that ICT types deliberately use jargon to confuse, but surely that's not the case!

Terms such as PAAS, SAAS, IAAS, cloud, SAN, NAS, WAN, firewall, router, VM, ERP, HRS etc are thrown around readily, but maybe some of these are not so clear. While Google can help, the context also needs to be fully understood; simple definitions don’t go far enough. Phil can quickly and concisely explain these terms so you can get to grips with ICT jargon and help understand your ICT team/function.